Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Have you heard of blurb?

So what is Blurb? I stumbled upon Blurb recently and was in awe of the functionality of this online bookmaking site. Unlike the traditional photo upload/book creating site this site has an added layer that takes it into another realm. Imagine creating a book rich with text, rich with photos, rich with collaboration? Yes, collaboration. Once you begin your book you can invite collaborators to view, edit and add a creative flair to your book. Experts from around the globe can help author your book…or not. It’s your choice as the author. Imagine the possibilities. A family trip with multiple family members from varying places can collaboratively work on a book, add photos, add comments, text, and dialog and ultimately order it to preserve their memories in a hard cover, bound book. A teacher can have students post poems, short stories, illustrations and generate a class book that surpasses any “notebook.” A yearbook can be created breaking the “traditional” mold of what a yearbook looks like. Blogs can seamlessly be imported from the host site and created into a book. The possibilities are endless.

Another interesting concept that blurb introduces is the option of having your book available for sale to the general public. Unlike the traditional sites, once your book is created it becomes available for sale through the site. Now I am not sure I would want to spend $50 on someone’s baby book, but the picture book of Kenya really caught my eye. The pictures were stunning.

So parents, I ask you “What are your plans this summer?” Why not break out the camera, photograph your child’s way through the summer and have them journal, write poems, add dialog. What a great learning tool for children. The fact that they will become published authors is reason enough for them to want to write. It may be easier then you think to get your kid to do some work this summer after all!

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