Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Technology across the grades...Part 2

For our First Graders here are some thoughts pulled together from the standards set forth by NCREL

  1. Students know how to start up the computer; locate applications; choose icons to select, open, save, print, and close files; and shut down the computer, monitor, and printer.

  2. Students identify ways that the computer is used at home and in school.

  3. Students recognize that passwords protect the security of technology systems.

  4. Students, assisted by teachers, parents, or student partners, know how to select media formats (e.g., text, clip art, photos, video, Web pages, newsletters) to communicate and share ideas with students in other classrooms.

  5. Students know how to use developmentally appropriate software to collect classroom data, create a graph, identify the questions that could be answered by the information in the graph, and interpret the results from the graph.

Here are some lessons and suggestions for implementing technology into your first grader's education: Lessons in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science and Art A FREE typing tutorial that identifies keys, posture and begins to allow the student an opportunity to use both hands (no more hunt and peck)

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