Saturday, May 3, 2008

ahhh Summer

Well its a bit chilly here in NY today, but summer will be upon us soon. For many parents our kids will be out of school soon which poses a whole host of dilemmas. Child care while you go to work, camp, vacations. My son's school releases on June 10th! Yes folks he gets almost 3 months of summer vacation. What is a parent to do!

I am a firm believer in "get outside and run and play until you collapse, then take a bath and go to sleep" and then do it all over again the next day. Since I work, camp pretty much has that covered for me-THANK GOODNESS. But the question at hand is "What do I do with my lil one when the weather is bad, or money is tight or the car is broke?" VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS. Take your kid on a virtual field trip and discover a world of endless learning and possibilities. Here are some good examples:

Visit a real farm! I like this one for the younger kids. The movies are real, the farmers are real and there is a lot to learn about farms.

Go on an adventure! These are free online expeditions that allow you to engage your children with journal entries, photographs and data.

Greatest Places Online. Online adventures around the world with real time reports. The photography here is beautiful.

Get electrical Good lessons but for an older student.

Learn about the Liberty Bell Nice photos and good content on a subject that is rarely taught in school.

I will continue to add links as I come to them, but feel free to comment and offer suggestions to other sites.


Jamuna said...

Teach your children to spend the vacation usefully, teach them the value of nature and learn to live with it. gives you some tips.

Aparna said...

Hello! I was reading your blog and wondering if you'd be interested in guest blogging on our blog here:

Let me know. :)



1950trek said...

0Dear TIP,
I teach journalism, theater arts, ELA, reading, and yearbook at a public school in TX. I have already started planning for my classes next year. My goal is to use a lot of technology in my classes, i.e. podcasting, shooting videos, posting our school newspaper on the web, blogging, taking photos and posting them on the students' personal blogs, podcasts, and so on. I am totally psyched to get my students immersed in the real world of technology. They already txt each other, take pictures with their phones and transmit them over the air waves to their friends, hang out on Facebook and MySpace but I want them to use all these tools for good--informing, entertaining, serving others. I enjoyed your post about virtual trips. I'd like permission to add a link from your blog to mine: and to my journalism's web site at let me know if it's OK to link.


George F said...

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George F said...
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George F said...
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