Saturday, May 3, 2008

Changes in the workplace...prepare our kids

Increasing I hear more and more folks saying that their work day is structured differently. Here is a link to another blogger who talks about it They have the ability to work from home, from Starbucks, from a park as long as they have an Internet connection. I think that the typical "office" has begun to shift dramatically but by the time our school aged children reach the work force the concept of an office, with paper, paperclips, scissors, white out and a water cooler will be few and far between. Let's face it, more and more people I work with ask for things digitally and those things aren't even stored on our computers. All important documents that I need are in Google Docs. I can access my work anywhere anyplace. I am not even wedded to my computer, just a connection. The water cooler is now facebook, myspace, ning or any other social network. The boundaries of the water cooler are no longer confined to the walls of the office. People can connect, collaborate and communicate with like minded folks all over the world. The water cooler is global.

As parents/home schoolers/educators we need to teach our students/children to use these tools in a safe and responsible environment. I know I have talked about this before, but I can't drive home the point enough that our kids are going to rock this world one day and we need to teach them to use this power that is so accessible to them in a way that will make a positive change. Not having discussions about using the Internet in a safe way is doing them a disservice. If your child's school is not showing them the ways, then offer to teach an isafe course to the PTA. Get the word out there that our kids are cybercitizens who need to act in a safe and appropriate fashion.

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